Company Bank Account Details

STP Reporting relies on the creation of the Wages EFT File to trigger the compilation of Pay Event data, ready to send to the ATO. It is important the Company bank account details are entered into Wagemaster to create the EFT File.  

NOTE:  Agrimaster creates its own unique EFT netpay.aba file for the Internet Banking process. 

Once your Employees payroll payments are processed in Wagemaster, these payments will be imported into Agrimaster.   

There are two places in Wagemaster you need to confirm banking details (if applicable).

1. Enter your Company bank account that you pay wages from.  To add, go to: 

  • File 
  • Company Details 
  • Banking 


  • Bank Account

2. The step only applies if you use a separate provision bank account for tax withholding payments. To add, go to: 

  • File 
  • Company Details 
  • Banking 
  • Taxation 
  • Tax Configuration 


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