Creating an offline copy of a file for Budgeting

Warning: This is an advanced workflow for Farm Management Consultants. This workflow is outside of the File Manager system and therefore the file will not be automatically be saved to File Manager or be available to other users of the file until it is imported back into a shared file.


Some farm business consultants prefer to build annual cashflow budgets in an offline copy so that they can work on the file for a number of days without interrupting the workflow of their clients or other advisor/partners that have access to the file.


 Move the budget to a temporary offline location

  1. Navigate to the required file  in File Manager and Open the file as Read Only
  2. In Agrimaster  use the Copy File Anywhere function to save the file to a temporary location

Working on the file

  1. Go to [Temporary location]
  2. Double click on the file to open
  3. Build a budget
  4. Close

Restoring the Baseline budget to the client's current file

  1. Open file manager
  2. Open client file in Edit mode.
  3. Import the budget into the file as per instructions here
  4. Note: when asked to Select source drive and folder. Browse for and select your saved file in the temporary location
  5. Close the file and Add a Note for later reference. 
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