Overview of the Agrimaster and Wagemaster Integration

For Wagemaster Payroll data, it is imperative to note, Wagemaster is the source of truth. Wagemaster is where all payroll data for employees is to be added or corrected, not in Agrimaster.

Once payroll or superannuation transactions have been imported into Agrimaster from Wagemaster, it is critical that none of the following data is altered or changed in Agrimaster:

  • Employees Account Names or Bank Account details
  • Employees Superannuation Names or Account details
  • Gross Payable Amounts
  • Tax Deducted Amounts
  • Salary Sacrificing Amounts
  • Allowances Paid
  • Additional allowances or top-up payments

If Payroll alteration is required and the payroll payment date has NOT passed or has NOT been uploaded to the STP portal, then Wagemaster payroll transactions can be un-imported from within Agrimaster. The payroll corrections can be made in Wagemaster and re-imported into Agrimaster.

Alternatively, if the Wagemaster payroll payments have been fully processed, adjustments or changes can be amended in future payroll runs in Wagemaster.

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