Import Timesheets Into Wagemaster From Deputy

This help article is for users who want to import timesheets into Wagemaster from Deputy. 

Deputy is a third-party management and scheduling platform designed to help you stay organised, keep tracked and managed your employees. You can easily create and edit rosters, notifying employees at the click of a button.

Deputy integrates with a large number of payroll, point of sale, HR and other services, allowing for ease of use between business many subscriptions. 

If you require help with using Deputy, please explore Deputy Help Centre.

To Import Timesheet Into Wagemaster 

Before You Start

To successfully export to Wagemaster, you must prepare for export, ensuring that the Area Export Code in Deputy matches the Department number in Wagemaster, that the Employee Names are identical between Wagemaster and Deputy, and that the Employee Export Code is identical to the employee's Payroll Number in Wagemaster.


General Configuration 

These are the items that may be reviewed for the configuration as a whole. The changes made may affect more than one employee.

Department Codes

The Area export code in Deputy must be identical to the Department Number in Wageeasy. The export code to match this Department Number may be entered into each relevant area in Deputy.

Employee Configuration 

These are items that can be reviewed at an employee level and will only affect the individual employee.

Ensure the spelling for the employee name is correct in Wagemaster and Deputy and that there are no blank spaces after the typed name text in Wagemaster or Deputy. If there is an empty space stroke after the typed text, Wagemaster will fail to match the employee.

Ensure that the Employee Payroll Number in the Personal tab in Wagemaster is identical in Deputy.

Exporting From Deputy 

Once the pay items have been approved for payment, select Export Selected Items and name the file appropriately. Refer to the reference guide on Pay Time Sheets for more information.

Successful Exports

A message similar to the one below will be displayed by Deputy to verify that the export was successful.


The file will now be exported to your Downloads folder ready for importing. The Deputy export file will be in wtc xml format and look similar to the image below. 


The File Will Include The Following Information

  • Emp. Co./Last Name: This is the employee’s last name used in their employee profile. Emp Co. would be used in lieu of the last name if the employee is set up as a contractor.
  • Emp. First Name:  This is the employee’s first name used in their employee profile.
  • Emp. Card ID: This is the Payroll ID set in the employee profile. It is important that this is identical to the Card ID in Wagemaster.
  • Date: This is the date of the timesheet (when it started if over 2 dates).
  • Hours Worked: Shift commencement and finish times.
  • Department: This is the Export Code that is notated in the Department record in Deputy. It is important that this is identical to the Department in Wagemaster.
  • Total Hours: Total hours worked in al exported shifts.

Importing Into Wagemaster 

  1. Check that the pay period in Wagemaster is set to the same range as your export dates in Deputy. This can be seen in the top menu on the right hand side as shown below. It is the date that the pay period ends.mceclip5.png
  2. If the period isn't correct, navigate to Setup > Set Pay Period and change the Pay Period. mceclip6.png
  3. Once the pay period is set in Wagemaster, navigate to Wages > Auto on the toolbar, which will start the Automatic Pay Slip Wizard.
  4. Follow the prompts until you reach the Processing Options step. Next, select Import Time Cards as shown below. mceclip7.png
  5. Click Next, which will display a screen similar to that below, showing that the import has been accepted.mceclip8.png
  6. Now that the import has been completed successfully, please follow the usual steps to process your payroll.

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