What's New in v6.4.13

Agrimaster Release V6.4.13 includes:

1. Fuel Tax Rate Change (July 2019)

As at the 1st July, new Fuel Tax Rates for the period of 01 July 2019 to 04 August 2019 were updated on the ATO website.  In this release, Agrimaster updated the Fuel Tax Rates table to reflect the changes.

The new rates have been applied to the Fuel Tax Credit calculations in Agrimaster from 01 July 2019 and will override any tax rates set you may have manually applied for the same period.

To apply these new rates, update to the latest Agrimaster version.


2. Fuel Tax Adjustments Calculation Error

Fuel Tax Credits are calculated for each BAS period and reported based on the fuel consumption for that period. When the Delivery Date and Transaction Date are in different BAS periods, any corrections made to the fuel transaction in a closed BAS period caused the fuel tax credit adjustment calculation to be incorrect. 

This bug has now been fixed, the fuel tax credit adjustments now calculate as expected using the Delivery Dates.


3. File Manager.exe Did Not Have A Valid Digital Signature

File Manager did not have a valid digital signature and this may have caused Firewall issues for some Customers. 
This has now been resolved and now your Firewall will not detect File Manager as a threat.

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