STP Mark Final Pay Reporting Event

When you have completed your pay processing for the year, including submitting all pay events and update events, you need to notify the ATO that you have provided all information, for all employees, for the year.

This is done by reporting an STP Update that has the Final Pay checkbox ticked for each employee included in the update event.

It’s possible to report a final event in a pay event, via STP Reporting, e.g. for an employee who has been terminated. When you are reporting your final event for the end of the financial year, e.g. as part of EOY processing, it must be submitted as an update event via STP Update

The easiest way to set the Final Pay checkbox is by clicking the Mark All as Final button. This ticks the checkbox for everyone shown in the STP Update grid, so you can generate the update event and report it to the ATO.

When the ATO receives the update event with the Final Event, employees’ YTD information in myGov is flagged as final for the year and will be made available for tax return pre-filling.

To report an STP Update final event: 

  1. Trigger the STP icon at the top of the Wagemaster window. This opens the STP Reporting window where, at the top, you have the choice of Report to ATO or STP Update. Select STP Update.


  2. Choose the filters you wish to apply:

    You can run the STP Update by employee. You do want All Employees ticked.
    The financial year offered will reflect any changes to your End of Year Boundaries that you may have affected in End of Year Preparation Step 5. Select OK.

    3. Review each record you will be reporting in the update event to check the updated values or information that will be reported. You could compare values with those in the ATO Payment Summary Report checking for correct display of Allowances, FBT and RESC for example. 


    4. Click the Mark All as Final button to select the Final Pay checkbox for all employees in the grid.


    5. Export the STP Update grid data to an external file format, if required.

    6. When you are ready to report the STP Update, click Report to ATO.

    7. The Update Event Declaration window is displayed. 


    Remember that the Full Name is populated with the name of the Payroll Company's nominated Contact Person, but this field should be changed if someone else is reporting the event. Tick the declaration.

    8. Click Report.

    9. You are returned to the main STP Reporting where the Status column will hold a message indicating the progress of your Final Pay update event. 


    10. Once the Status reports Success click Close (this can take some time).
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