Confirm your Company Bank Account details

STP Reporting relies on the creation of the Wages EFT File to trigger the compilation of Pay Event data, ready to send to the ATO. It is vital therefore that your company bank details are entered in Wagemaster to create the EFT File. 

Even though you may pay employees by EFT payment option in Agrimaster, Cheques or Direct Debit, the creation of the EFT File in Wagemaster is the trigger required to include these employees in the Pay Event and STP Reporting. 

There are two places that you need to confirm. 

The first is the company bank account that you pay wages via: 

File > Company Details > Banking > Bank Account 


The secondapplies if you use separate provision bank account for tax withholding payments, via: 

File > Company Details > Banking > Taxation > Tax Configuration 


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