Backup Your Wagemaster file during EOFY Process

We suggest that you take a pro-active approach with your Wagemaster Company Data and backup using File Manager at all critical stages hi-lighted below: 

  • Before you make major changes or additions to your database. 
  • Before EFT production during the payment process. 
  • On conclusion of the pay run. 
  • At key stages during your End of Year process. 

Provided you are logged in to File Manager, File Manager will back up your Wagemaster files when you close the program.

When opening File Manager, below is what you will see:  

  1. Click on the Wagemaster files button and the Wagemaster files will be displayed: 


  2. Open the required file by clicking on the file name and click 'Open File'.

  3. Each time when closing your Wagemaster Company file, you will be prompted with the following backup question.


  4. Select NO
  5. When closing Wagemaster, it backs up automatically to File Manager.  Ensure that prior to closing Wagemaster, you are logged into File Manager.  Do not close your laptop or computer until the upload is complete. 
  6. On Wagemaster is closed, look in File Manager, you will see the file uploading.  It will then show the file as backed up. 



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