Produce ATO Export File (EMPDUPE)

NOTE: This process is required if you are not yet live reporting with the STP portal. 

  1. To produce the ATO export file go to: Reports > ATO Payment Summaries > Export File > Next 


  2. Select the financial year ending 2019 and then select Next 


  3. Select the file path that you would like to save the file to. 


    NOTE: Do not open the resulting EMPDUPE file. Opening and Closing this File can sometimes change the original intended format for the ATO. This can often be the cause of a File to be rejected by the ATO. 

    If you do indeed wish to view this file, take a copy of it and save it to another location. Then, use this copied EMPDUPE as your viewable file. 

  4. Lodging of the EMPDUPE file 
    The EMPDUPE file can only be lodged with the ATO using File Transfer via the ATO portal (see the following page for instructions) 
    The above method is the only means the ATO will accept EMPDUPE files this financial year.  They will not accept any other backup types of EMPDUPE files or via the post. 

To use the File transfer function, you will need to follow the below steps:  




Prepare your files using Wagemaster 


Log in to the portal from using your AUSkey. 


Select Lodge file under the File transfer heading located in the left-hand menu. 


Opt in or out of receiving an email notification when validation of your file has been completed. 


Submit your EMPDUPE file (do not send scanned documents), where it will be checked for format compatibility and data quality. 


Receive confirmation your file has been received, which will then be validated for errors and warnings. 


Receive an email to inform that a validation report is available to view (if you have selected to receive a notification). 


Download a validation report to see if your file has been lodged or if it contains any errors to correct. 


Commonly Reported errors in the EMPDUPE file 

Some of the common errors that may occur when lodging online include: 

  • The annual report file cannot be located on the hard drive (EMPDUPE, NOABN or FRW) – you must use a complying payroll software product to generate the annual report file. 
  • Income amount fields – invalid characters – remove blanks or non-numeric characters. 
  • Tax withheld – the tax withheld must be less than or equal to the sum of the income fields in the payment summary reported. 
  • Amendment indicator – the Amendment indicator field must not be blank. The Amendment indicator field must contain either A or O. 
  • Supplier contact details (the supplier contact is the person lodging the report) – the supplier contact name and contact phone number must be completed. 
  • Error Message SS – E039 – we could not accept the file as you are not authorised to return files for the ABN contained in the file Check that the ABN recorded in the activated AUSkey matches the ABN in the supplier data record of the file being sent. your-payment-summary-annual-report/ 

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