Confirmation of Company Details 

At this point in your end of year preparation, we encourage you to check your payroll Company Details. This will prepare you for your ATO Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE file production as well as save your work in your later STP Activation. 


Company Name & Payer ABN 

To access Company Details, select File > Company Details 


To change your company details, click on the Change Company Details button. This will then activate the Registration Wizard where you will be able to amend these details by selecting “Change Licence details”. Ensure you save the Registration in the form of a .pdf to your computer.  Now log on and submit a support request to Agrimaster Support with the attached PDF: 

Agrimaster Support will arrange the issue of a new licence. 

  • If the Company name is not entered and you have only entered a Trading name, the ATO payment summaries issued to employees will not have the Payer’s name / Company name. 
  • Confirm that the Company name, Trading Name, A.B.N. and A.C.N are entered as required by the ATO. will enable you to run an ABN search to check the Company name registered against the ABN that you utilize. 


WARNING: Only click on the Change Company Details button if the details need to be corrected. By changing the Company details your database will immediately default to a temporary licence. (ACTIVE FOR 60 DAYS) Whilst awaiting the reissue of a new primary licence number, please keep selecting Register Later when prompted to access the database as per usual. 

Company Address, Details of Contact Name & Contact Numbers 

File > Company Details > Address 

Both the Street Address and Postal address need to be fully completed. Where the addresses are the same please duplicate the street address in the postal address field. 

Please note that your Suburb must be entered in the City field and all fields are mandatory except for Fax and Email. 


 The “State” field must be entered in Capitals as required by the ATO. The “State” field will default to capital letters when entering new details. If you have all the State fields entered in lower case due to data entry in earlier versions of Wagemaster you can run a query to capitalise the State field.  Also, the country field is a mandatory field. 


Required fields that are left blank or incorrectly completed may cause your EMPDUPE file to be rejected by the ATO. 



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