Update To The Latest Version Of Wagemaster

This article will explain the steps that must be taken to successfully update the latest version of Wagemaster. 

  1. Before installing any new software update always ensure you have a recent backup of your company file. To do this open Wagemaster through File Manager and close it. Wait for it to back up in File Manager.
  2. Ensure File Manager and Wagemaster are closed.
  3. Click here to download the latest version. 
  4. It may download directly or you may be taken to this page, click the 'Download' button:mceclip0.png
  5. After completing the download, run the program by clicking on the file.
  6. If the following message appears, click Yes.1.png
  7. If the following message appears, click Run.

  8. When the Welcome to the Wage Easy Payroll HR Setup Wizard window appears, click Next.

  9. Read the License Agreement
    Select I accept the agreement.
    Click Next.
  10. Wagemaster will install the file to a default folder. Click on Next.
  11. At the Select Components window, leave the selection as displayed. Click Next.

  12. Click Next.

  13. To begin the installation, click Install.
  14. Wage Easy will now start the installation process.
  15. To complete the installation, click Finish.
  16. When you open Wagemaster, the Upgrade Company Database window might appear.
    In order for the update to occur, click Upgrade. You do not need to backup, as you backed up on File Manager before the update.

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