Run An Employee All Leave Type Accruals Report

The Employee Leave Accrual Report highlights all outstanding leave owed to Employees and the cost to the business. On the 30th June (or the closest business day possible) run an Employee All Leave Type Accruals report for the financial year from Wagemaster or other Payroll Software. The Accountant will require this report for your 2020-2021 tax processing. 

To Generate The Report In Wagemaster:

  1. Click Reports > Leave > Leave Entitlement > By Employeeimage001.jpg
  2. The report will be generatedSC1.png
  3. Print this report (you can print as a PDF and email it to your accountant)
  4. Click Close

Please Note: If this report is generated on a different date/time, the leave accrual figures will differ and won’t be the true indication of your leave liability as at 30th June and for Balance Sheet purposes.

Wagemaster calculates the liability as per current time and date.


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