Housecleaning Of Your Wagemaster File

This article is for users who want to perform housecleaning on their Wagemaster file. 

 CAUTION: If in doubt whether you should perform a house clean, skip this step.

House Cleaning in Wagemaster is performed when the database is large and performance is slowing or when there has been a change of ownership and historic information belonging to the old company needs to be cleared out for the new company to start with a clean slate. 

The House Cleaning function is designed to remove pay slips and terminated employee records from previous financial years. All leave balances and employee data for non-terminated employees will remain in the database.  Before you commence this procedure, you will need to backup your database and save it in a safe place.

Not everyone will need to perform a house clean. You may only need to do one depending on the size and performance of your database.

Employee records must be kept for 7 years after the date on which the entry was made so it is important to save your backups, to be accessed later if needed, to cater for this period of time.


Before you commence the procedure, we would recommend that you take two backups of your current database to archive.

Steps In Performing House Cleaning

  1. Navigate to File > Maintenance > House Cleaning.4.png
  2. The House Cleaning Wizard will then guide you through the process. Click Next.mceclip1.png
  3. Employee records must be kept for 7 years after the date on which the entry was made so it is important to save your backups to cater for this period of time.
  4. Select the financial year of data you would like to remove. The start will be the oldest year of data and move forward. If you would like to remove more than one year of data, then repeat the process for one year at a time.
    • If you were house cleaning due to the database being large, we would recommend that you leave at least 12 months of prior data for easy referral and select the first option at point 3.
    • If you are house cleaning due to a change of ownership you will need to remove all financial data to the end of the current financial year-end. Select the second option at point 3.5.png
  5. Select any employees that are terminated to delete from your system. It may be worth running an unpaid employee report from Reports menu > Unpaid Employees to see if any employees have not been paid for a large length of time and terminating them.
  6. They could then be removed from the system as part of this process. This report will show employees list who do not have a payment date on their payslip due to a pay event not created for STP reporting so please check your Agrimaster to ensure payments have been made. 6.png
  7. Please read the options carefully, selecting the reason why you are doing a House Clean, i.e. because the database is getting too big or for a change of ownership, then click Next.8.png
  8. Tick both the House clean Audit details and Proceed with house cleaning boxes and then click Next.
  9. Please note the warning and select Proceed with house cleaning and click Next and Next again to finish.

  10. At the end of this process, you will be prompted to compact your database. We recommend you take this course of action as it will further enhance the everyday operation of your database.

  11. Once completed, select Finish and go on with your processing or repeat the process for subsequent financial years.

Please Note

  1. If Leave Without Pay records exist in your database, you must run an LWOP (Leave Taken) Report prior to house cleaning as the removal of payslips with Leave Without Pay records may result in your employees’ leave accruals re-adjusting. We recommend you also run a Leave Entitlement Report to ensure the leave totals remain intact for employees.
    • The Leave Entitlement report should be run before doing the house clean and then immediately after the house clean (on the same day). Any differences should be entered into the adjustment column on the Employees' Leave screens.  Run the Leave Entitlement (after house clean) Report again and ensure that it balances with the report before house clean.
  2. If your database is completely house cleaned of all payslip records, active allowances will need to be reactivated within employee files.

Notes For Change Of Ownership House Cleaning Only 

  • The current year’s house clean will need to be done by the Access Wagemaster Helpdesk. Please Contact Support for the current year’s house clean and the removal of STP pay events.
  • Support will get the database cleaned and will assist you with restoring the backup and replace the database for the new company.
  • Customer Support will assist with changing the company name and details, this will create the registration form and we will get the licensing sorted for you. 
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