Produce Employee ATO Payment Summaries (Optional)

In an STP-enabled system, production of ATO Payment Summaries is optional as employees can access their 2019 earnings data via their myGov account. As discussed earlier, you may still choose to produce ATO Payment summaries for your employees. End of Year Preparation Step 3 reviewed configuration of Employee Details ready for payment summary production.

A payment summary must be supplied to each employee (payee) no later than 14 July. Employees terminated during the financial year and who do not have any reportable fringe benefits should be supplied with a payment summary within 14 days of the termination date. The payment summary records payments that you made to an employee or payee and amounts withheld over the financial year.

mceclip18.pngWe recommend taking a backup via File Manager before Payment      Summaries are produced.

blobid1.pngEnsure you note the time the backup was made to File Manager if for any reason the process is interrupted and there is a need to reprint your summaries, you will then have the choice to either restore this back up and rerun, or use a query that will untick the printed box in each employee file, enabling you to reprint your summaries.

There are 2 types of payment summaries that are produced by Wagemaster. All payment summaries display whole dollar amounts only, cents are truncated.

Payment Summary Type

Wagemaster will produce this type of payment summary for:

Types of amounts shown:


Individual non-business


Employees whose basis of payment is Full time, Part time or Casual.


Payments including salary and wages, allowances, bonuses and commissions, reportable fringe benefit amounts, etc.

Withheld amounts including tax, deductions, reportable super contributions, etc.


Employment Termination Payment (ETP)


Terminated employees who received an employment termination payment. Note that these employees will receive an individual non- business payment summary as well.


ETP amounts paid in relation to an early retirement scheme, genuine redundancy, invalidity, certain types of compensation or other payments as specified by the ATO

Tax withheld from the ETP amount, super calculated, etc.

Producing the ATO Payment Summaries

To produce the payment summary, go to:

Reports > ATO Payment Summaries > Print Individual ATO Payment Summaries.

This launches the ATO Payment Summary Print Wizard.


Select Next which will bring up the ATO Payment Summary General Information screen, select Next.

In turn this offers details of your financial year. Ensure you enter an appropriate authorised signatory for your business and your Payment Summary Sign Date.


Select Next. 

If the Employees have been allocated with a preferred method of delivery apart from Printing, please tick the “Use Employee destination (if specified)”.


Select Next. 


The three choices of ATO Payment Summary Delivery are represented by symbols alongside each name.

mceclip13.png The Summary will save to a folder

mceclip14.png The Summary will be emailed.

 mceclip15.pngThe Summary will print.

You can sort the list by delivery method (e.g. printer, email, save to file) by clicking on the Header above the symbols or back on Employee Name, to return to employee sort order.

If you have selected options other than printing the ATO Payment Summaries we recommend that each delivery method be completed in separate processes, that is, email payment summaries in the first run, save to employee files in a second run and print in a third run.

Click on Select All, or if creating in batches, ensure only the boxes for those Employees you want to send in this batch are ticked. You can then select to do a separate run for each format if required. Once you have made your choice, select Next.

mceclip12.pngDepending on the number of employees you have, or on the capabilities of your printer, if you have less than 30-40 employees, Select All. If you have more than this, we would recommend printing them in batches.


This above next screen offers a count for each method of delivery. When you select Next, the ATO Payment Summaries will be produced to their respective destinations. If any errors are present, an error log will appear (which can be printed) and these Employees will not have a tick placed in their printed box within the Employee File under > Payments >ATO Summaries screen.

You will need to identify why this error occurred, rectify if possible, and then rerun the wizard.

If no Errors were encountered after selecting Next, the below screen will appear to advise you that the Printing is complete.


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