Backup Your Agrimaster File To File Manager

Agrimaster is designed to automatically back up your files when closed. This article shows how to check if your files have been backed up.

Please Note

Agrimaster must be shut down by clicking Quit on the Home Page


  1. On closing Agrimaster, check the top right-hand side of your File Manager. There will be Verifying/Uploading/Processing button that will be displayed.
  2. Once the file has been uploaded to the cloud the button will also say Backed up in blue.Backed_Up.PNG
  3. Agrimaster will download the latest version stored on the cloud. Once it has finished downloading it will display Backed Up again. This process will happen in a few seconds, however, if your internet is slow this process may take longer.
  4. To be certain your file has uploaded; in File History your current file should display that it was created a few seconds ago.
  5. Reopen your file to see if your changes have saved.
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