Bring Your Year To Date Totals Into Wagemaster

This help article will outline the steps you need to correctly enter the year to date figures into Wagemaster when changing over from a previous payroll system.

When you bring in your year to date figures you need to only import figures to complete the current financial year. i.e. If you changed over in September you only need to bring over figures from July 1st (start of the financial year) and onward.  

Entering Year To Date - Lump Sum Values

 From your previous payroll data, obtain the following information for each staff:

  • Gross Wage Year to Date (Year to Date).
  • Tax (YTD).
  • Superannuation (YTD).
  • Additions/Deductions (YTD) - if applicable.
  • Union fees (YTD) - if applicable.

Create An Allowance For The Year To Date Totals 

  1. Choose the Setup menu & click Allowances.
  2. Click Add

  3. Setup a standard allowance called Year to Date.
  4. Set the Type as an Addition and the Frequency as Each Pay.
  5. Please leave the Amount at zero. 
  6. Tick the boxes Include in Super Calculation and Taxed.
  7. Choose Next and Next again - skip the General Ledger setup as you use Agrimaster.
  8. Repeat this for other allowances as well with a relevant description.

Process Payslip For All The Year To Date Figures 

    1. Take your PPE date back to the last pay period of the last month paid in the previous payroll system.  This way, the figures will not affect current monthly super and tax calculations.
    2. In Wages, select your employee and leave the timesheet blank. 
    3. Click Next to take you into the Adjustment screen.                                              1.png
    4. Select Add, and in the Allowance Wizard choose the Year to Date you created and enter in the Amount Payable.
    5. Do not include any additions and deductions such as union contributions, clothing and laundry (as these will be entered individually and itemised on the group certificate). 
    6. Click OK to complete.                  2.png
    7. If you pay allowances/deductions, these should already be setup for these staff and will show on your Adjustment screen. If not select the allowance drop-down list. Double-click on them and edit the amounts to the Year to Date totals from the previous payroll data.3.png
    8. If you have a union contribution to bring forward, select Union from the left menu and Edit at the top to change the dollar value, to match the value on the previous payroll data. Edit option will only come up if it's setup.                              4.png
    9. To bring your YTD super contributions, select Superannuation from the left menu and Edit and change the dollar value to match the super value on your previous payroll superannuation data.5.png
    10. Select tax from the left menu and choose Edit to match the Year to Date total from your previous system.6.png
    11. Select Next to view the payslip and check that all the values: Allowances, Gross, Tax, Net and Super balance to the previous payroll data.  If they balance, press Save.  If they do not balance, click Back and edit as needed.
    12. Repeat the process for the next employee.
    13. Once this process is complete for all employees, print a Payment Summary – Year to Date and a Superannuation – Year to Date Report from Wagemaster and check that it balances to your previous payroll system.
    14. If you make a mistake and you need to delete one of these payslips, you can do so from
      File > Maintenance and Delete Payslip.



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