STP Gateway Wizard

The Gateway tab records your STP Gateway credentials, that is, your username (Client ID) and password. It also includes an option to test the connection to the Gateway once your credentials are entered.

Why is this important?

The STP Gateway is the mechanism that enables Wagemaster to send STP reporting data and receive messages from the ATO.


Customers will receive their credentials key within 10 working days after signing up to Wagemaster. As you probably already know your Client ID, you can enter it at any time and Save & Close the wizard. 

What you need to do

  • Enter your STP Gateway credentials, when you receive them
  • Once the credentials are entered and you have completed the rest of the wizard, you can click Finish to complete the wizard. If you are not quite ready to Finish, you can Save & Close for now, then Finish later

Remember that:

  • Clicking Finish disables the STP Setup wizard and enables STP Reporting, i.e. the next time you click STP in the toolbar, STP Reporting will be displayed, not the Setup wizard.
  • Even if you are not ready to start using STP Reporting straight away, you can set it up now and continue with your current payroll processing.

After you have entered both Client ID and Password, you can use Test Connection to make sure that Wagemaster can establish a connection to the STP Gateway.

Even if you choose not to manually test the connection before completing the wizard, it will happen automatically when you click the Finish button.

When a successful connection is established, the following message is displayed:


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