Allowances (Deductions) - STP Wizard

Any Allowances (Deductions) configured in Wagemaster are shown on this page of the wizard. Any Workplace Giving Deductions must be configured for STP Reporting.

 Why is this important?

The ATO requires Workplace Giving amounts to be identified separately in payroll data reported via STP Reporting. If you are unsure about whether or not a Deduction should be reported in STP or the ATO Type, check with your accountant or the ATO.


What you need to do

If a Deduction is set up as a Workplace Giving Payment before you upgrade to Wagemaster, on upgrade it will automatically be flagged for STP Reporting. In the Deduction page, the Report in STP checkbox will be ticked and the ATO Type will be set to Workplace Giving.

The same options should be applied to any other listed Deductions that should also be treated as Workplace Giving deductions

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