Award – Miscellaneous Loadings - STP Wizard

Miscellaneous Loadings attached to Awards may be treated as separately identified Allowances for STP Reporting purposes, e.g. an Award Overtime Meal Allowance that is over the reasonable allowance amount specified in the Award. If there any Miscellaneous Loadings set up, they are listed on this page of the wizard. If this page is blank, it means that there are no Miscellaneous Loadings set up and you can move on to the next page of the wizard.


What you need to do

Like Allowances, you need to:

  • Review each Miscellaneous Loading and tick the Report in STP checkbox for each one that should be identified separately.
  • In the ATO Type field select the applicable type from the dropdown list.


When you tick Report in STP, select an ATO Type and click Save & Close or Finish the wizard, the corresponding fields are updated in Miscellaneous Loading Details. [Setup > Awards > (Select an Award) > Loadings > Miscellaneous]

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