Add Employee Leave Accrued Before Changing Payroll Software

Within the Employee file, go to Leave > Annual

  1. Nominate an entitlement date in your previous payroll system. It is most likely that this is the pay period end date if your previous payroll system updates leave during the processing of wages. This is the date that the Employees will have accrued leave to up to in your old system. Please create the required Leave Entitlement Report from your previous system with the referenced date.
  2. If your previous payroll system accrues in decimals, please ensure your entitlement values are converted into hours and minutes. For example, seven and a half hours in decimals (7.5) equates to 7.3 in Wagemaster/WageEasy.
  3. When the Employee is entered into Wagemaster/WageEasy, a few or one date line for leave accruals will appear. These dates or date will reflect the Employees Start and/or Award date.

    To update the leave balances to the leave entitlement from the old payroll system, new lines will need to be created.

  4. Select Add to create a line of leave, with the date chosen that references the Employee beginning to accrue in Wagemaster/WageEasy 
  5. Then Add again and create a second line for leave, with the references when the leave balance was taken from your previous payroll system, e.g. 29/03/2016. In the Adjustment field enter the entitlement value from your previous payroll system.
  6. In the comments field, enter a comment such as Leave balance brought forward from previous payroll system. Entering in a comment is very important as it allows you to keep records of your leave adjustments.
  7. Delete any other lines of leave, other than the two lines you have just added. This is the only time we would recommend deleting lines of leave.
  8. You have now created an easy reconciliation for leave as the two lines with the two dates represent the balance from the old system (the cut-off date) and Wagemaster/WageEasy moving forward by taking the accrual.
  9. Repeat the process for each Employee for all their Leave types that are either Yearly or Hourly.leave accrual.
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