Back Up Wagemaster Files In File Manager

You need to be using Agrimaster Version 6.4.10 or later to back up your Wagemaster files to File Manager. If you are not upgraded ensure you read What to do before you upgrade to 6.4.10.

Ensure your files are located in C:\Users\Public\Wage Easy Payroll\Work\"your user number". (shown below). 


Provided you are logged in to File Manager, File Manager will backup your Wagemaster files when you close the program. When you open File Manager, you will see something like this window below. 

Click on the Wagemaster files button and the Wagemaster files will be displayed.


Open the file that you want by clicking on the file and then click 'Open File'.

If Wagemaster is closed, it will open the program, and you can work on your file.

When you close Wagemaster, it backs up automatically to File Manager.

When you look in File Manager, you will see the file uploading and this will then show as backed up.

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