Re-Register and Reactivate Your Agrimaster Software

Please note: You will receive your re-registration details via email within 1 working day of purchase. If you have not received your details within 48hrs please contact

Once Wagemaster has been installed on your computer and you receive your re-registration email, the next step is to re-register your Agrimaster software. This will open up the 35 employee spots in Wagemaster and activate the Wagemaster button on the Agrimaster main menu.

To Re-register Your Agrimaster

  1. Open Agrimaster
  2. Click Setup & Tools image001.png
  3. Click Registration image002.png
  4. Click Software Registration image003.png
  5. Update your registration details to reflect what now appears on your registration document. You only need to change details that have been altered. For example, if you have purchased Agrimaster Plus, you need to change your serial number.
  6. Click the green tick to finish.
  7. You will now be able to open Wagemaster from the Agrimaster main menu. 


To Reactivate Your Agrimaster: 

If you have updated your registration details, particularly after upgrading to Agrimaster Plus, you need to reactivate your software to access the import payroll function in Agrimaster.

  1. From the Home page, click Setup & Tools image001.png
  2. Click Registration image002.png
  3. Click Reactivate software image003.png
  4. Ensure that Reactivate Automatically (via Internet connection) is selected. Click Reactivate image004.png
  5. Click Yes
  6. Wait for the reactivation process to complete. You will then see the message below. Click OK to close. 

Next Step:

If you are a Payroll Assist Customer: Complete the File Setup Form 

If you are not a Payroll Assist Customer continue to set up your file: Create Your Wagemaster Company File 



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