Setup Wages Tax In Agrimaster

From the Agrimaster Home page

  1. Click on Setup & Tools 
  2. Click on Cashbook Setup
  3. Click on Tax 
  4. Click on Setup Tax Deducted 

Your wages tax set‐ups should be similar to those shown below.

NOTE: Agrimaster uses Allocations to calculate your wages tax correctly on the BAS (W1 &W2). It is important this area is set up correctly.

1. You will need three new ALLOCATIONS:

  • Wages Gross
  • Wages Tax Deducted
  • Wages Tax Remitted

2. You will need two new CODES: 

  • Wages Tax Deducted
  • Wages

3. Choose your START MONTH and PAYG reporting frequency

If you do not have Allocations or COdes, you will need to click on the ADD/EDIT ALLOCATION LIST and ADD/EDIT CODE LIST buttons TO add them. 


Once the Allocation AND Codes are added, complete the following: 

Click on the dropdown list and find the Wages Gross Allocation

Click on the dropdown and select Wages Tax Deducted Allocation

Click on the dropdown and select Wages Tax Remitted Allocation

Click on the dropdown and select the Wages Tax Code

Click on the dropdown and select the Gross Wages Code

Click on the checkbox and ensure it is ticked to ACTIVATE the Wages Tax Setup.


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