File Manager Notifications

Notifications Overview 

Notifications is an exciting new feature in Agrimaster’s File Manager which allows  Agrimaster to notify you in app about scheduled software updates, system maintenance and important user information.  

The Notifications icon (displayed as a bell icon) is available between the help and log in options on the top right of the File Manager menu.  

Notifications are available to users who are logged in and logged out of File Manager and are connected to the internet. 

The Notifications icon has a red badge that shows the number of unread notifications available for the logged in user. 

If the users choose to work offline in File Manager, then the banner lists the number of unread notifications for the default user registered on that computer for Agrimaster. 

Notifications Panel 

On clicking the Notifications icon, the Notifications panel will open. 

The Notifications panel can be accessed from any page File Manager. 

The panel orders the Notifications published by latest first. 

Unread notifications are highlighted with a bold font on a black background whereas the read notifications have a normal font on a grey background. 

Users can click on the  at the top right corner to close the Notifications panel. 

Notifications Grid 

The Notifications grid will display:  

  1. The notification type - e.g. scheduled software updates, system maintenance and important user information. 
  2. The day or time the notification was published – e.g. 8 minutes ago or 3 days ago. 
  3. The notification title. 
  4. View link. 

By clicking on the View link, the notification content expands. 

The content may include hyperlinks, images, formatted text, bullets and numbering etc.  

The Close link closes the content and brings the user back to the notification panel.

Notification Expiry 

Agrimaster can set an expiry date for notifications. 

When the expiry date is reached (such as when an outage is completed), the notification is removed from the notifications panel. The expired notification is removed from the panel regardless of whether it has been read or not. 



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