New Interface Features in File Manager

Vertical Navigation Menu in File Manager 

Agrimaster has a new Navigation Menu which is displayed to the left of the File Manager screen. 
In this first release, the Navigation Menu shows only the File Manager as a menu option, with more to come as new features are released. 
The Navigation Menu is available on all pages in File Manager. 
Clicking on File Manager in the Navigation Menu will take you back to File Manager files list page.


Breadcrumb Trail Navigation  

Agrimaster’s File Manager Breadcrumb Navigation allows you to track their path from the home page to their current page. 
The Breadcrumb Trail is displayed on the file details page and the change password page. 



Home Icon 

Clicking on the  icon will take you back to the main File Manager navigation menu, where the full list of files is displayed. 


Help Icon  

The Support Icon has changed to a new icon, labelled Help, and moved to the top right, next to the notifications and user profile icons. 

Clicking on the Help Icon navigates you to the Agrimaster Help Centre. 


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