Emailing Payslips From Wage Easy Payroll

 1. Go to the set up menu> preferences> configuration> email/proxy
SMPT Server: XXX is your provider name. In many cases it is the name after the @ in your email address. For instance, if your email address is, the SMTP server is

Port: 25
E Mail Name: Your name
E Mail Address: Your email address

Please consult with your IT Team or Network Administrator for the details to add into this screen. As there are multiple items that may affect your ability to Email out payslips in bulk, they will need to check any Firewalls or Security settings that may be in place which will block your ability to utilise this function.

2. Now you need to make sure that your employee’s have an email in their employee details card.

Click onto the Employee icon

3. Select General> Email/Internet. To add an email address, click on Add and type in the email address and select the ‘Use this email address for payslip delivery’ field, then click ok. Image

4. Go to the Employment tab and Pay Slip Options and check that 'Send to Employee’s Payslip email delivery address' is selected.

5. Check that you are connected to the Internet.

6. Go into ‘Reports’ and ‘Pay slips’ and ‘Print wizard’ and Next

7. In the output options screen, under Single Pay Slip Output Destination, please tick ‘Use employee Destination (if specified)’.

8. Further on in the wizard, under ‘Payslips to Print’, the icon next to the emailed employees should be an envelope, instead of the printer icon as illustrated.

Any issues with the emails not working will be due to;


  1. The Mail Server (creating blockages or not allowing ‘apps’ to email)
  2. ISP – not providing accurate details or assistance
  3. Firewalls/Anti-Virus – creating blockages


This means there is no escalation process as Sage cannot assist any further.


If after ruling out spaces in email addresses and also unrecognised characters or fonts here are some points that we try to convey to customers that are experiencing winsoc, socket errors, unable to relay, etc.


  • Sage WageEasy is not a mail client it is just trying to connect to the mail server to relay the email.
  • As far as the function of sending emails this is controlled outside of our application, there is no option, setup or configuration other than connection details that can be entered within our application. As you can appreciate we do not have any settings within the application that control how emails are sent as the application has been designed simply to relay messages to a mail server or service which then determines what is sent and how. As a result there is not much we can do or control.
  • As Sage WageEasy is not a mail client we are not support technicians for various mail server or firewall products nor do we have any association with vendors of these products.  Any support and suggestions provided (such as the attached reference documents) is in an effort to assist not to provide a solution or any level of support with any mail server, security or network settings as these are beyond the scope of the Sage WageEasy Payroll application. Information and assistance provided has been provided to other clients with varying mail server types, firewalls and environments and they have found parts of it useful in finding solutions for their businesses.  Sage WageEasy is not the common factor in the failure of email pay slip relaying.  If it were then none of our customers would be able to use the function.
  • It is recommended to seek the assistance of your ISP or an IT professional that specialise in Mail Server administration as common issues are due to firewall\anti-virus settings, blacklisting of domains and also potentially relay connector settings configured as a part of the smtp server configuration.

Email Configuration – Tips & Tricks


  1. SMTP Server can be searched for on google (ie. Type in ‘iinet smtp’)
  2. Problems with emailing Payslips
  • First place to look – Could be a problem with the port ***

Port are either un-encrypted   -   25   or encrypted – 465 and 587

465 and 587 port is more common because of the encryption.  Port 25 is an old setting.


  1. Tick in the Use TLS/SSL box and then click on Advanced TLS Settings and choose








For Gmail and some other email hosts:

There may be settings within the mailbox that block sign-in attempts at the domain or organizational unit level from some apps (WageEasy) or devices that don't use modern security standards.

Following this article may be useful in those instances:

Google - Control Access to Less Secure Apps










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