Working Holiday Maker - Tax Table/Scale

The Working Holiday Maker tax table includes a Flat Rate Threshold, which sets the tax rate at 15% for the first $45,000 in annual earnings. 

Once this income threshold is reached, the tax will be calculated at marginal rates based on the income brackets, as per the 03 Non-Resident Tax scale.

Ref: Setup > Tax > Tables > Working Holiday Maker (2020-21).


Employees files allocated on the Working Holiday Maker (2020-21) tax table will automatically be assigned to the new Working Holiday Maker Income Type field code H, within that employee file for PAYG Summary and STP purposes

What About TFN Declarations For Working Holiday Makers?

Ref: Employee > Payments > Tax – Additional Requirements for TFN Declaration.

Further Information From the ATO

Further reading is available on the ATO website

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