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The following changes are contained in this update:

Important Updates

1.1 Long Service Leave (LSL) – Victoria – Changes effective 1 November 2018

1.2 Working Holiday Makers – Tax Table Update

1.3 Superannuation – Salary Sacrifice

1.4 Family and Domestic Violence Leave Update

1.5 Change to Allowances


The following information is provided as an information service only and, therefore, does not constitute accounting, HR or taxation advice and should not be relied upon as such.


1.1 Long Service Leave (LSL) – Victoria – Changes effective 1 November 2018

The Long Service Leave Act of 2018 will come into operation on 1 November 2018 and has been passed by the Victorian Parliament.

The Key changes include:

Employees will be entitled to take LSL after 7 years of continuous service.

An employee is entitled to request LSL for a period of not less than 1 day.

Any period of paid parental leave and up to 12 months of unpaid parental leave will count as service.

If you are located in Victoria and these changes affect you - 

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1.2 Working Holiday Makers – Tax Table Update

The ATO provided an update to the ‘Working Holiday Maker’ Tax Table for employees who have earnt over $37,000.

To update the WHM Tax Table –

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1.3 Superannuation – Salary Sacrifice

WageEasy, prior to Single Touch Payroll release in May 2018, used Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) for both SG contributions and payments that made up the SG monthly threshold. This was corrected in the first release of Wagemaster for STP.

The calculations were separated, but in doing so, deductions before tax that were NOT a Super Deduction (eg, Salary Packaging salary sacrifice) were incorrectly included in the monthly threshold, effectively reducing it.  This has the effect of reducing the Taxable Gross earnings which means the employee may not reach the monthly minimum for SG to calculate.  When this occurs, no super is calculated.

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1.4 Family and Domestic Violence Leave

All employees (including casual employees) covered by an award with the new clause are entitled to 5 days’ unpaid family and domestic violence leave.

All industry and occupation awards have the new family and domestic violence leave entitlement. Employees covered by enterprise and other registered agreements aren’t entitled to the new unpaid family and domestic violence leave in awards.  However, their agreement might include or incorporate the leave, or there may be other paid or unpaid entitlements in their agreement that they can access in these circumstances.

Check your agreement on the Fair Work Commission website.

Award and agreement free employees aren’t entitled to the new unpaid family and domestic violence leave entitlements.  Additional information can be found on the Fair Work website through the ‘Award and Agreement free wages and conditions page’ about their entitlements.

To add this leave type to your existing awards -

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1.5 Changes to Allowances

Change for STP allowance reporting for Award Miscellaneous loadings. When an STP reportable allowance is setup as an Award Miscellaneous loading, a change has been made to ensure correct identification when a number of allowances are setup within different Awards.

A new option to change the behaviour for allowance deductions around SG threshold and contributions.  For allowance deductions, a new tickbox option has been added to allow for inclusion or exclusion from the superannuation guarantee gross. The new tickbox option works the same way as the ‘Include in Super Calculation’ whereby if it is ticked, its value reduces the SG Gross.  If the deduction should not reduce the SG Gross then the ‘Include in SG Gross’ box should be unticked.

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After the upgrade is installed, you should check that the correct software and database versions are displayed. If the latest version numbers are not displayed, Sage WageEasy may not have been successfully upgraded.

To check the version of Sage WageEasy;

The version number is displayed on the bottom right hand corner of the main Sage WageEasy screen.


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