Setup Family and Domestic Violence Leave to an Award

All employees (including casual employees) covered by an award with the new clause are entitled to 5 days’ unpaid family and domestic violence leave.

All industry and occupation awards have the new family and domestic violence leave entitlement. Employees covered by enterprise and other registered agreements aren’t entitled to the new unpaid family and domestic violence leave in awards.  However, their agreement might include or incorporate the leave, or there may be other paid or unpaid entitlements in their agreement that they can access in these circumstances.

Check your agreement on the Fair Work Commission website.

Award and agreement free employees aren’t entitled to the new unpaid family and domestic violence leave entitlements.  Additional information can be found on the Fair Work website through the ‘Award and Agreement free wages and conditions page’ about their entitlements.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand your obligations and employee awards and agreements.

Please note: This leave type can only be added if you are on v6.1.0.8032 of Wagemaster.


1. Go to Setup > Awards


2. Select the relevant Award and ‘Edit’


3. Select the tab Leave > Add/Delete Leave 


4. Click Next > Add new leave type > Next > Leave Type:


5. Click Next > Next > Finish


Once the Leave Type has been created, you will need to edit the following tabs: 

Under ACCRUALS tab

The ‘Calculation Method’ should be BLOCK

The ‘Accrual Rate’ should be the employee’s Normal Work Day Hours multiplied by 5 days

E.g. 8hrs x 5 days = Accrual Rate of 40hrs



This tab should show the following options:


Under PAYMENTS tab

This tab should show the following options:


Processing this type of leave is the same as processing any other type of leave. This can be done at the Wages screen or under the employee’s record.

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