What to do if you can not find Wagemaster files in File Manager

In Version 6.4.10 you will be able to backup, restore and share Wagemaster files (Wage Easy) via File Manager.

If you are not using Wagemaster click here for more information on purchasing Agrimaster-Plus

The following information only applies if you are using Wagemaster .

Your Wagemaster files (Wage Easy Data files) need to be located in the directory - C:\Users\Public\Wage Easy Payroll to enable the application to work as designed.  

To check the file location > 

1) Open Wagemaster (Wage Easy) payroll from your desktop.

2) Maximise your Wagemaster (Wage Easy) window by clicking on the box shaped icon on the top right of the window as highlighted below.

3) To verify the location you will see on the bottom left corner of your Wagemaster (Wage Easy) window the following information with you company name.

If your Wagemaster (Wage Easy) data is not where it should be you need to move your files to the correct location, If you require assistance with this, please contact support.


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