How to Move your Wagemaster File into File Manager

When you click on the Wagemaster Files tab, if your Company file is not listed you will need to complete the following steps. 


  1. You need to be using Agrimaster Version 6.4.10 or later to back up your Wagemaster files to File Manager.   

  2. Ensure your files are located in the directory shown below: 
    C:\Users\Public\Wage Easy Payroll\Work\"your user number" 
    To verify the location of where your Wagemaster file is located, open Wagemaster and on the bottom left corner of your Wagemaster window, the location information is displayed with your company name 


  3. If your Wagemaster Company file is not located in: 
    C:\Users\Public\Wage Easy Payroll\Work\"your user number"  
    You will need to move your files to the correct location.

  4. To relocate your file, ensure Agrimaster, Wagemaster and File Manager are all closed. 

  5. Open File Explorer on your computer and locate your current file (see step 2).

  6. Locate your file, right click it and select cut 

  7. Go to the correct location: 
    C:\Users\Public\Wage Easy Payroll\Work\" your user number"  

  8. Right click and select paste in “your user number” folder.

  9. Open and login to File Manager.  You now should see your Wagemaster Company file in the Wagemaster files tab. 


  10. Click on your Wagemaster Company file name and then click 'Open File' 


  11. Wagemaster will now open. You may receive a pop up to find the file, this will only happen once. Locate the file in the new path: 
    C:\Users\Public\Wage Easy Payroll\Work\" your user number 

  12. You can now work on your Wagemaster Company file. Any changes you make to your Wagemaster file will now be backed up to File Manager on closing. 

  13. When you look in File Manager, you will see the file uploading.  This will then show as backed up. 
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