File In Use On Another Computer

 If you have shared your file with another user and they have logged in to File Manager to access your file, File Manager will indicate the file status as “File in use by <User’s Name> on another computer”. 



If you have shared your user number with another user and they access your file on another computer, File Manager will indicate the status, “File in use by <your user number> on another computer”.  



If you wish to work on your file contact the other user and ask them to close the file. The file will then back up to File Manager with that user's latest changes.

NOTE: In order for the changes to save, the other user:

  • must have "Can View and Edit" permissions.
  • be connected to the Internet.
  • logged in to File Manager when closing the files.

Once the file has uploaded to File Manager, you can open the latest saved file.



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