Exportation Of Cash Trial Balance Reports To CSV Format (Excel)

The Cash Book Reports can be exported to a .csv format to allow you to import data into an Excel spreadsheet.  This function will allow you or your accountant to access and manipulate the data.

  1. Start at the Home Page.
  2. Click on Cashbook Reports.
  3. Click on Accounting Reports.
  4. Click on Cash Trial Balance.
  5. Choose the months and bank accounts you wish to report on.  The report filters are: image004.jpg
  6. Click on the green tick to display the report.

  7. Click on the Excel button to save this report in .csv format.
    image005.png image006.jpg
  8. Click on the save button.image007.jpg
  9. Open your Excel program and navigate to the folder where you saved this file. 

    In this case, it was C:\Users\\Desktop\Cash Trial Balance – Splits 29 Nov 2018.xls.


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