File Status Explained

File Status: 

File status is the sync status of the file on the computer with the Agrimaster server. 

  • Backed up – the file is backed up with the latest changes to the Agrimaster server.
  • Uploading - the latest revision from the computer is getting uploaded to the Agrimaster server.
  • Downloading - the latest revision from the Agrimaster server is getting downloaded to the computer.
  • Processing - the latest revision downloaded onto the computer is being extracted and made ready for use.
  • Verifying - the latest revision is being prepared to be backed up to the Agrimaster server
  • Local - this file is stored locally and Agrimaster does not have any versions of it in the cloud and no licence details for it.
  • Sync Error - error when uploading or downloading the file from or to the Agrimaster server.
  • Locked - Agrimaster has detected that this file does not have any matching licence or subscription details under the logged-in user account. Purchase a subscription or an add on subscription to access the file.

Shared Status:

Shared status is the indication of whether the file is shared with anyone and with what permissions. 

  • Not Shared - the file is not shared with any user.
  • Shared for Edit - shared with the logged-in user with the view and edit permission.
  • Shared for View - shared with the logged-in user with the view and edit permission. 
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