File Status

File status indicates the current status of the file with the following possible values: 

  • Backed up – the file is backed up with the latest changes to the cloud 
  • Not Backed up – the user has no upload permission and  any changes made to this file will not be uploaded to the cloud and the status will show as ‘Not Backed up’  
  • Offline – the user is not logged in, connected to the internet or there’s a problem reaching Mastergroup’s servers 
  • File in use by <User's Name> – the file is currently open in Agrimaster by the person who has opened it first.  This is to notify who has currently opened the file when multiple users attempting to open the file at the same time 
  • This file is open on this computer - the file is currently open in Agrimaster by you on the logged on computer.
  • File in use by your user number on another computer -  the file is currently open in Agrimaster by your user number on another computer.
  • Downloading – the file is being downloaded from Mastergroup’s cloud server to their local storage 
  • Uploading – the file is being uploaded to Mastergroup’s cloud server 
  • Sync error – an error occurred downloading or uploading a file (for example the connection was interrupted) 

To know more about file statuses when the file is in use refer the below articles:

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