Restore an Agrimaster File with File Manager

You may need to restore an older version of a file if you have made a mistake or lost some data. 

File Manager keeps backups of your files in the File history section. 

To restore your file in File manager: 

Click Login in the right-hand corner of the screen 

  1. Enter your User number and Password

  2. Click Login 

  3. Click on the file you want to restore   

  4. Locate the version you wish to restore in the File history and click on it image004.jpg
  5. Click on Restore older version button.
  6. A message will ask “Are you sure you want to do this?” if you are sure, click Restore image005.jpg
  7. The file will be restored and shown in your file history list as current image006.jpg
  8. Open the file and verify it is the version you wanted to restore - now you can keep working
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