What to do Before the File Manager Upgrade

 Important notes

  1. The file owner has full control over their sharing permissions. The file owner needs to setup sharing. 
  2. All files that you have shared before File Manager will be migrated from m:drive. The access other users have to these files will not change with File Manager.  
  3. The backup process has changed! Providing you have an internet connection and are logged in, files will automatically be backed up to File Manager on exiting Agrimaster. This means that you no longer need to backup manually! 
  4. Only files in your Work folder [C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\work] will be visible in File Manager. Providing you are connected to the internet File Manager will connect to the Mastergroup server and do the following:  
    • File Manager will attempt to upload and download files 
      • Files are uploaded if the local version of the file is newer than the version on the server, or if there is no version of that file on the server. 
      • Files are downloaded if the local version of the file is older than the version on the server, or if there is no version of that file on the server. 
    • Files are matched if they have the same file name and owner (user number). 
    • File Manager takes time zones into account when determining if a file is newer or older. 

What you need to do before you upgrade 

  1. You need to agree with your Accountant/Consultant which version of your file is correct/current. 
  2. If your Accountant/Consultant has the current copy or data that is missing in yours (e.g. a budget), ask them to send it to you to so you have the correct version or follow this link to import a budget
  3. If you have the current version in C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\work, you don’t need to do anything (this will be the current in File Manager).  
  4. Use this time to tidy up your file sharing. If you set up file sharing in m:drive with a user that no longer requires access (e.g. an old accountant or an Agrimaster support member), you should remove sharing now
  5. If you have the Agrimaster icon on your taskbar, you may need to unpin it by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Unpin from taskbar. Once you open File Manager, you can pin this to your taskbar by opening File Manager and right-clicking on the icon and selecting Pin to taskbar

Non-Standard Installations of Agrimaster 

Apple Mac 

  • File Manager is a component of Agrimaster which is a Windows-based product so will not work on Apple Macs unless it runs Windows.


  • If your Agrimaster data is stored in location other thaoyour C:drive, you should contact Agrimaster support to discuss youway of working on a one to one basis.  



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