Important Information on File Manager

What you need to know before you get started:  

  1. All .agm files that have been shared with you before File Manager will be migrated from m:drive - the access you have to these files will not change with File Manager.  
  2. Any files that have been shared with you where you have ‘Share only’ access will not be uploaded to File Manager – these could be files that you have created or are not your client's files. 
  3. Backup is automatic in File Manager – an Internet Connection is required to use File Manager & you must be logged in
    File Manager automatically backs up Agrimaster files when you exit Agrimaster – backup to File Manager can only happen if you are connected to the internet and logged in. 
    As the backup is automatic in File Manager, you no longer need to manually backup for clients to see the changes. 

  4. Please see this article to understand the file structure with File Manager - How File Manager Works
  5. Providing you are connected to the internet File Manager will connect to the Mastergroup server and do the following 

    File Manager will attempt to upload and download files 
    • Files are uploaded if the local version of the file is newer than the version on the server, or if there is no version of that file on the server. 
    • Files are downloaded if the local version of the file is older than the version on the server, or if there is no version of that file on the server. 
  • Files are matched if they have the same filename and owner (user number). 
  • File Manager takes time zones into account when determining if a file is newer or older. 
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