What is File Manager?




File Manager is the new entry point to your Agrimaster files. File Manager is Agrimaster’s new service to open, backup and restore Agrimaster files. It also allows you to share and manage sharing permissions. With File Manager, your Agrimaster files will automatically backup to Mastergroup’s server on close if you are logged in and connected to the internet.  

The setup package will install File Manager as part of the normal Agrimaster update process. After installation, the desktop shortcut used to launch Agrimaster will now launch File Manager. You will login with your Agrimaster user number and password (the same as your updates/m:drive login).  

Why is File Manager Better for me? 

  • New user-friendly interface 
  • Major performance improvement 
  • File Manager makes it easy to see the status of your file, who changed it and who it’s shared with 
  • File Manager makes it easy to share your file with others 

  • File Manager automatically backs up any changes to your file to Mastergroup’s cloud servers so that data is not lost and you automatically open the most recent version 
  • You can clearly see who last made changes to files and when 


File Manager 

Users manually backed up their file to m:drive then shared the file to their adviser/accountant 

File Manager automatically backs up on close of Agrimaster, providing you have an internet connectivity and you are logged in

Advisor/accountant manually restored client’s files, made changes and either backed up to m:drive manually or emailed the file back to their client 

When an accountant/adviser works on a shared file, all the changes get backed up automatically to the owner’s user number.  All the changes can be seen under file history. File Manager eliminates the need of the manual file exchange between farmers and their advisers 

Users manually restored their file with changes  

File Manager automatically opens the latest copy of your file 

Users were not able to see if an advisor/accountant was working on their file meaning there was a risk of data being lost  

File status reduces the risk of working on an older version - You are now able to see the file status. The function is designed to prevent users from working on incorrect versions of their file  

New File Structure 

The first time that File Manager runs, it will create a new sub-folder in your work folder and migrate any .agm files located in your local directory to this new sub-folder.  Any .agm file in this folder will be uploaded to File Manager 

For example, if your Agrimaster User Number is 1234:  


Figure 1: Work folder before running File Manager 

Figure 2: File Manager creates sub-folder "1234" for registered user and moves files

Figure 3: Files moved to user's sub-folder "1234"


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