Ways of Working

What if my Accountant/Advisor does not have Agrimaster?

You can use File Manager but will need to share your file using an alternate method (thumb drive or email). You will need to ensure you do not make changes to your file whilst your accountant/advisor is working on it.

Can multiple people work on the same file on different computers?

When working on an Agrimaster file, you are working on a copy on your computer, not a 'live' copy where changes can be merged. You need to ensure only one person is working on your file at a time. The most effective way to use File Manager is for users to agree not to use a file whilst someone else is making changes. Once the changes are complete, the user will need to close the file and ensure they are online in order for File Manager to automatically save the changes. The file is now free to be worked on by another user. Next time you open Agrimaster, you will be able to see and use the file with the latest changes and can continue adding data to the file. 

Can I backup my Wagemaster file?

The first version of File Manager will only allow backup of Agrimaster files. This means you will not be able to backup Wagemaster files with the first version of File Manager. 

Which option works best for you? 

OPTION 1: Upgrade from m:drive to File Manager (Agrimaster 6.4.1), because

OPTION 2: Stay with m:drive (Agrimaster 6.3.54), because

  • I want to backup Agrimaster files and Wagemaster files using m:drive although it will take me longer to share and may take longer to backup and restore files. 
  • I don't mind skipping future Agrimaster updates until Wagemaster files can be backed up with File Manager. I understand, by not updating, I may miss out on future compliance updates.



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