Common Scenarios

I don't store any client files on my computer/server

You can continue to work in the same way, however, if your client has set up full sharing access with you, you will need to bear in mind that any changes you make will now be automatically saved to the client's File Manager. 

My client has provided me with full sharing access and I have an older copy of the file

In the work folder: You should delete this file if it is not the latest and doesn't contain any data the client doesn't have.

Other location: You don't need to worry as this will not be backed up to File Manager as it is not in the Agrimaster work directory. 

My client has provided me with read-only access and I have an older copy of the file

You don't need to do anything as this will not be backed up to File Manager.

I have the latest copy of a client file

You should email the customer your copy of their file for them to use as their current.

I have a budget copy of a client file which is missing in theirs

You should email the customer your copy of their file so they can import the budget into theirs

I have multiple user numbers logging in on one computer

You need to bear in mind, there will be client folders that correspond with Agrimaster files in your work directory for any user that logs in on the computer.

My firm shares one user number

You can use File Manager with the one user number to access your client files. It is important to note that any files that have been shared with your user number will be downloaded onto your computer with File Manager automatically. This means that anyone who uses the same user number as you will have access to all the files that are shared with you. If you wish to have separate user numbers within your firm, please contact Agrimaster support.  

My client files are stored according to my firm's file structure

File Manager will automatically modify the work folder structure by creating sub-folders based on user numbers. This will keep files shared by different users in separate folders. 

E.g. Your user number is 1234, and your client with user number 9876 has shared their file with you. You will have a folder for 1234’s files and another one for 9876’s files.

File Manager watches for changes to files in the file owner's work folder. If you currently store files on network servers without setting a work folder location, you will need to change your processes for managing Agrimaster files. You will need to set up a default work folder e.g: Network drive (P:) -> Agrimaster

If you need assistance with this, please contact Agrimaster support. 

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