Sharing and Permissions

How do I share with my accountant/advisor?

Login to File Manager. Select the file you want to share and click on "Manage Sharing Permissions". Add your accountant/advisor's user number, choose the level of access (view or view and edit) and click add. You will then see that your file would have been shared with your accountant/advisor along with the level of access you have provided.

As a Professional Partner can I set up access to a client file?

No, only the file owner can share their file. You will need to give your client/s your user number and ask them to share their file with you. Please note that they will need to have a current Agrimaster subscription or legacy plan.

Can I have different access settings with my account?

Every user has full control over their file and who they share with. When sharing your file with another Agrimaster user, you decide if that user can view and/or edit your file. Please note that you cannot set up different permissions if you have multiple people accessing your file using the same user number. 

When I want to share with my accountant, do I have to send them anything?

If your accountant has an Agrimaster Professional Partner subscription, you will be able to share your file with their user number. They will be able to open Agrimaster, search for your file and see when the latest file was backed up to File Manager.   

When will I see changes to my file?

The most effective way to use File Manager is if you agree not to use your file whilst another user is updating the file (e.g. your accountant). Once the user who you are sharing with has completed the changes, they will need to close the file and ensure they are online in order for File Manager to automatically save the changes. Next time you open File Manager, you will be able to see the updated file.                                                        

How soon after a file is shared with me will I have access?

As soon as sharing has been set up with you, you will be able to see it in File Manager.

Why can't I upload a file that has been shared with me to File Manager?

The user sharing the file with you has not granted the correct permissions (read/write). You can see your permissions in the My permission column.

Can multiple people work on the same file at a time?

Technically yes, however, the changes made by each person will be stored as separate versions in File Manager. The changes will not be merged. The most effective way to use File Manager is for users to agree not to use a file whilst someone else is making changes. When your file is open on another computer, the File in use icon will be displayed.



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