Backup your Wagemaster/Wage Easy file to Email or USB

We recommend you back your file up to an external device and email it to yourself. 

If you are already using a cloud storage/backup solution such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive you may also wish to backup there. 

We do not recommend that you backup to Dropbox as we have heard of customers experiencing issues with this in the past. 

  1. To backup your Wagemaster/Wage Easy file:image008.jpgimage001.jpg
  2. Close the Wage Easy program 
  3. Click on Yes when asked if you wish to close image002.png
  4. Click on Yes to backup image003.png
  5. Select your Desktop, click Save image004.png
  6. Your backup is now saved and is on your Desktop, click OK image005.png

From here you can: 

Right-click, choose Send to and choose Mail recipient if you wish to email it you yourself (this may be useful if you work between computers) 




Right-click, choose Send to and select a  USB stick/external hard drive if you wish(in the example below the USB drive is F:) 


Open the USB drive via Windows File Explorer and check that the file has been saved (you should see a file with the Type: .web and today's date). 


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