Re-register Your Agrimaster Software

Your Agrimaster software will need to be re-registered when you have:

  • Purchased Agrimaster Plus, (as the serial number has changed), or
  • Updated your address or contact details with us, (to ensure the software contains the correct information)

Have your new registration document ready for this process.

To Re-register your Agrimaster program

  1. Double click the new Agrimaster shortcut icon on your desktop
  2. Click Setup & Tools image001.png
  3. Click Registration image002.png
  4. Click Software Registration image003.png
  5. Update your registration details to reflect what now appears on your registration documentation. You only need to change what has been altered. For example, if you have purchased Agrimaster Plus, you only need to change your serail number
  6. Click the green tick to finish

Next step: Re-Activate your Agrimaster program.



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