What's New in Agrimaster v6.3.53

  1. Fuel tax credit rate changes to be updated in the software Agrimaster software has been updated to reflect the latest changes in the fuel tax credit rate changes from the ATO. Refer to this ATO link.  

    Therefore, the software has all past and current fuel tax rates since 2014 

  2. Cash Trial Balance Report bugs – Truncated reference number and record number

    Issue: In the Cash Trial Balance Report (Splits only), Accountants or Standard codes,the splits only display up to 4 digits in  Record number and Reference number coloumn in the report. Other CTB reports with splits are not showing this error.

    Impact to the users: Incomplete/Incorrect values on reports mean additional searching for detail 

    Fix: The record number and reference number is now extended to avoid any truncation after 4 characters.

  3. Updated wordings in the pop up that displays an error message whenever a new fuel tax credit rate is added to the closed period 

    Issue: When a user adds a new fuel tax credit rate in the closed BAS period, the following error message appears which is confusing to the user. The message says “the current indexation rate is within a closed BAS period.”  

    Fix: Wording in the pop has been removed and now it says You are trying to add a new fuel tax rate within a closed BAS period and this is not permitted." 

  4. Fuel Tax report for accruals reports incorrect percentages 

    Issue: Fuel tax rebate report shows incorrect percentages. The percentages for Diesel/Petrol are showing incorrectly, 

    Impact to the users: Amounts are correct but percentages are incorrect on reports 

    Fix: Fix has been introduced to return the current percentage for each breakdown and totalling to 100% 

    e.g. 1) Off Road Business (61.3%) 2) Road Transport over 4.5 tonnes GVM (10.7%) 3) Less than 4.5 GVM (27.9%) 

  5. Invoice field length change to EI outstanding report section 

    Issue: The problem arises when the combined prefix & suffix is more than 10 characters. The program allows 6-character prefix and a 10-character suffix, but the report only allows 10 characters combined.  

    Fix: Inv.No field in outstanding invoice report now extended from 10 to 16 characters. Any Invoice Number longer than 9 chars will show up on the next line as shown below. 

  6. Enter button in reconciliation screen was not working 

    Issue: When entering cheque # and pressing enter, cursor does not move to the amount box. It used to work in the v 6.3.50 and before versions. Current workaround: Tab key works to enter and move to another field.  

    Fix: This is now fixed. Cusomer can use the enter key to enter a cheque number. 

  7. Invoice number in the tax invoice merges with the page number 

    Issue: Invoice number in the tax invoice merges with the page number, so the invoice number and page numbers are not clear.  

    Fix: Increased InvoiceNo field in Customer Invoice to 16 characters. Now the invoice number and page numbers do not merge.’ 

  8. Update wording for EFT Lodgment reference pop up Message 

    Update: Go to cashbook -> EFT Acc/Pay cheques -> Click EFT -> Click on Amalgamate selected super stream payments -> Enter the details (Clearing house name, BSB, etc). If there is a  EFT Lodgment Ref mismatch, error message appears and this is confusing and incorrect. The pop-up message has been updated to display the following: 

    "Have you confirmed the Payment and Lodgement Reference details are correct as indicated from the Superannuation Clearing House?" 



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