STP Reporting Checklist

Here's a checklist for you to follow in order to report your Pay Event



Steps Involved


Complete EFT Banking

Report to use:  Reports > Payment Summary > Current Pay Period

Step 1

After creating EFT Banking, the STP icon will have an Exclamation mark on it, indicating there is a Pay Event that needs uploading.

Step 2

Select the STP Button. The STP Reporting screen will display a Pay Event to Report, as well as already reported pay events.

Step 3

Ensure that there are no validation errors displayed in the Status Column.

*Additional Step

If there are validation errors, double click the line to see the details. Close the STP Reporting screen, fix errors and reopen the STP Reporting screen.

Step 4

Highlight Pay Events to Report line and select View Details.

The first line on the Pay Event Details screen will display the current period values; balance this with the report printed above.

Step 5

The rest of the screen (grid) will display YTD values for all employees who were paid in the current PPE. These are the values that will be uploaded to the ATO.

The screen (grid) can be customised to show more, or less, column headings. To see which items are available for display, right click on the screen and select ‘customise’. Items from the Customization box can be dragged into the headings line.

Select CANCEL to return to the previous screen, to complete the process.

Step 6

Select Report to ATO.

This will upload the YTDs of all employees who were paid for this PPE, to the ATO.

Step 7

A Declaration screen will open. Tick the declaration box and select Report.

Step 8

Wait for the upload process to complete, which will result in a message in the Status column, i.e. “Received at Gateway – awaiting response”

The STP Report screen may now be closed. Check this screen later to see if the message has changed. If the Status has changed to Success, then the process has been completed for this PPE and no further action is required.



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