End of Year Payroll Processing Checklist

Below is a checklist that may help make your payroll process easier. This Payroll Processing Checklist includes STP Reporting



Steps Involved


Pay Period Ending

Check PPE is correct


Public Holiday

Ensure Public Holiday is activated


Employee Adjustments

Employee Files

Payment - Banking for Banking details

Employment - Dept-Pay rate for Base Rates

Payment - tax for tax changes

Employment - Employment for Award changes

Payment - Allowances for any additional payments

Payment – Allowances for any deductions


Planned Leave

Employee File > Leave > Type > Planned tab

Annual Leave

Sick Leave

Long Service Leave

Other Leave type


Timesheet Entries

Employees with irregular payments

Terminated employees

Employees requiring adjustments

Employees requiring ad-hoc allowances

Casual employees

Salary employees if not using Auto Process


Salary Employees if using Auto Process

Salary employees with pre-defined times

Wages > Auto > tick Pre-defined Times and Leave


Unpaid Employees

Reports > Unpaid Employees

Check through for those not paid


Import into Agrimaster

Ensure payroll processed correctly, reconcile between WageEasy / Wagemaster and Agrimaster


Verify and Checking

Suggested reports:

Reports > Employee > Payment Summary

Reports > Banking > Bank Pay In

Reports > Payslip > Payslip Summary

Reports > Department > Payroll Cross Check

Net Wage and Pay Pay In

Reports > Payment Summary > Current Pay Period

Reports > Banking > Bank Pay In

Balance Net Wage to Banking Total








Net $


Bank $

Generate ABA file

Reports/Banking/EFT Banking


Step through the Wizard

Reconcile amount to two Reports used above

Check the Date to Process is correct

Export File

Import into Banking Software



Amount $

STP Reporting

STP Button

Confirm Pay Event then choose Report to ATO


Print Pay Slips

Reports > Payslips > Print Wizard

Step through the wizard


Back up Data

Back up to File Manager




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