Edit Employee Details

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From time to time you might need to edit your employees’ details because changes in their:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Awards (They go from Part time to full time, or from casual to full time)
  • Pay
  • Allowance

This article will cover changes to your employees' general information, such as address, phone, email, etc.

To edit your employee’s details

  1. Select Employee > Edit Employee image001.jpg
  2. Select the employee you need to edit from the Name list image002.jpg
  3. Select the required tab on the left with information to be updated
  4. Personal – Change details as needed. Click Close to save the information image003.jpg
  5. Address/Phone - Change postal or home address or phone numbers image004.jpg
    • To add, edit or delete a phone number, right click on the phone number section and select the relevant option
    • Update as required
    • Click Close to save
  6. Email internet – Change email address, as required image005.png
    • To add, edit or delete an email address, right click on the email address section
    • Select the relevant option (Add, Edit, Delete)
    • Update as required
    • Click Close to save
  7. International – This is optional. If you want to record your employees’ spoken & written languages, you can do so here image006.jpg
    • Update as required
    • Click Close to save
  8. Next of Kin – This is optional. If you wish to add or remove a next of kin you can do so here image007.png
    • Right click to bring up the Add, Edit or Delete options
    • Make changes as required
    • Click OK
  9. Reminders - this is optional. You can set reminders for your staff here if you need them all to check their details before end of the financial year  image008.png
    • Right click to add a reminder
    • Enter the details
    • Click OK (example shown below) image009.png
    • Update as required
    • Click Close to save


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