Setup Award From Scratch

Please Note: We do not advise setting up awards from scratch due to its complexity. We advise using one of Agrimasters Award templates and editing/adjusting the award to your requirements.  

Setup An Award From Scratch

  1. Click Setup > Awards.


  2. Click Add.


  3. Give your award a meaningful name e.g. Farm Full time 40hrs – No Overtime. Click Next.


  4. Uncheck the Copy Existing Award File and leave the Existing Awards Files Click Next.

  5. The Award Time Calculation Type screen appears. Select the calculation type, then Next.


    • Standard Hours: This award is used by most employees such as staff, rotating shift workers, day workers and casuals.
    • Block Times: This only applies to employment conditions that specify the start and finish times of every block of work and for which work outside of these times is This is not able to be edited later so be careful with your choice!
  6. Review your information at the Confirmation Check the Details Correct box, then Next.


  7. Click Finish to complete the set up.



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