Setup Pre-Defined Timesheets

Predefined Timesheet allows for the creation of a template that can be assigned to an employee who works the same hours from pay cycle to pay cycle. When assigned to the employee it allows for quicker and easier payroll processing. This is an optional setup and if it does not apply to your employee or you do not want to do the setup, scroll down and click onto the next step.

With timesheet setup, the following must be taken into consideration:

  • Days are Numbered instead of defined as Monday, Tuesday etc.;
  • Entry is in Hours and Minutes;
  • The lunch break is included in the setup;
  • The F10 key enables the population of the times entered previously;
  • The ability to repeat the configured time for Fortnightly and Monthly pays is available in the Options tab.

Setup Predefined Timesheets

  1. Navigate to Setup > Predefined Times. Click on Add
  2. Enter in the Name required for the Predefined Timesheet
  3. Enter in the Start Time (this is the physical time that the employee would start work. (i.e.8:30am) and the Start of the Lunch Break (12:30pm)
  4. Hit Enter to create the second line. Enter the time returned from lunch (13:00pm) and the Finish time (16:36pm). You must enter the Lunch break so that Meal breaks do not calculate.
    Note: The Total Hours is the calculation in Hours and Minutes per day. To convert decimals to hours and minutes you can use the Tool Converter found in the Tools Menu. 

  5. Hit the F10 key to replicate the shift above until you have a complete week.
    Note: Day 1 refers to the first day after the period end date. So that if your pay period end day is a Sunday, day one in predefined times refers to Monday.

  6. Navigate to the Options tab and tick on the Repeat times for all weeks that make up the pay period if your pay frequency is Fortnightly or Monthly 

Next Step: Setup Employees

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